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For almost two years, Maxilect has been a service business and a company with its product. It’s time to tell in more detail about the project that we are implementing on our own, gradually increasing the project’s team.

It all started as a startup. The growth did not go as smoothly as we would like — the business attracted partners rather quickly, but due to lags in interaction, the traffic load was much higher than expected. Consider it a survivor’s mistake, but we delayed optimization and quickly scaled up the hardware to keep us in the market. Due to the…

With the development of herd immunity and vaccination, the remote format is no longer mandatory. At this moment, people are trying to return to the office. But it is no longer possible to say openly about this — they have tasted the remote. An imaginary solution seems to be the idea of ​​a hybrid work format: “We leave you freedom, but we provide an opportunity not to rot at home + periodical meetings in the office with colleagues and friends.” However, in reality, all meetings will have to be planned, and jobs will have to be booked. Moreover, it’s not…

Here we will talk about IDEA features once again. Last time we discussed the interface, and today we will talk about convenient debugging tools and tools for coding collaboration.

Scratch Files

If you need to quickly check or calculate something using the dependencies of a working project, you can use IDEA temporary scratch files. They have a broad functionality — SQL queries, temporary JSON, etc. You can also temporarily import parts of the project here. Details are in the documentation.


IDEA Shelve allows you not to mix contexts when switching from one task to another.

Let’s say you were busy with one…

IntelliJ IDEA functionality is vast. Therefore there are quite a few developers who make the most of it. However, everyone has their own set of favorite features and options. About a month ago, the Maxilect team massively shared their favorite IDEA practices in the internal chat meeting. Colleagues were very enthusiastic. We’ve planned one hour of discussion, but that was not enough for this topic. The meeting was repeated a week later.

We want to share the most exciting features (with links to the documentation, where everything is described in detail).

There were so many opportunities that I had to…

Sniffers are the tools that allow you to intercept, analyze and change all requests that pass through them. They are helpful when you need to extract information from a stream or create a desired server response. They can test a product with a backend, a front-end, and different teams with their versioning.

In this article, I will talk about the main sniffing functions that can be useful to QA. I will try not to go into theory but to focus on practice. The most popular representatives of traffic analyzers are now WhireShark, Fiddler, and Charles Proxy. …

Seven years ago, I was trying to improve my keyboard skills. I’ve decided to check the Dvorak layout, and I still use it. Although I had to compromise and abandon Dvorak as a programmer in favor of the QWERTY one, I like how this layout is designed.

I’ve written here about challenges I’ve encountered during layout use and have given a few conclusions based on my experience.

Shortcuts for left hand

Dvorak basics

QWERTY is the most common layout for English, and it’s a legacy from the era of typewriters. It was created for the first popular typewriter Remington 1, which became standard.

The creators of…

Hi! My name is Vladimir. I am a developer at Maxilect. In addition to my technical education, I have a background in practical psychology. In this article, I will break down a model that can complement project information, both in team discussions and in conversations with the business. The model contains questions to ask to get the data you need faster.

Classics — What does the customer really want?

The text was based on internal training materials, which I conducted in our company in early February 2021.

When a leader, business leader, or client tells us about a project, they base the story on their personal experience. We…

There is an exceptionally positive informational background on the Kafka Streams handling. This tool seems attractive because it has detailed documentation, an understandable API, and beautiful architecture. Some of my friends and colleagues use it to develop their systems. So, what happens in real life when these systems go into production?

In this article, I will omit the introduction to Kafka Streams, assuming that the reader is already familiar with it, and will talk about our experience with this library on the example of a highly loaded system.

Briefly about the project

An internal team is working on the Ad Exchange, which helps resell…

In this part of the article, we will move on to the most interesting — we will disassemble the Dizzy IV music module, play the melody first on Windows and then on the Arduino Nano.

Screenshot of the start screen of Dizzy 4

Link to the first part of the article.

I want to note that I implemented the project exclusively for the fan, understanding how many years had passed since the Spectrum was relevant. I tried to remember the past and touch the code written for the amazing Z80 processor. This processor was the first in my programmer experience.

Note: Lyndon Sharp wrote the theme song…

ZX Spectrum 128 and its numerous clones had a built-in sound generator AY-3–8912, thanks to which a lot of musicians managed to write a huge amount of music for this computer.

In two parts of this article, spiced with a pinch of nostalgia, we will recall the main sound production methods on the XZ Spectrum 128. We designate the characteristics of the AY-3–8912 “music coprocessor,” list the most famous music editors, disassemble the music module from the popular game Dizzy IV and recreate it on Arduino. …


We are building IT-solutions for the Adtech and Fintech industries. Our clients are SMBs across the Globe (including USA, EU, Australia).

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